Friday, January 9, 2009

Talk of Travel

This is a quiet ending to a very hectic week. The weather has cooled, so the windows are open. The only sound I hear, aside from my keyboard, is the distant music of a live band at one of the local hotspots. Water (by which we islanders are surrounded) is quite the conductor of sound. The band I hear in the distance is playing at a place across the bay. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon on the Rise. And it is a "bad moon" scheduled to be full on Sunday.

My USF-Tampa college kid got caught up in wanderlust. She's started a new semester with new classes and new professors. Her class in American National Government is taught by a professor who conducts a studies abroad program. Lauren became very interested and inquired only to find out that there are two seats left, and the deadline for a deposit is (was) today. Over the past couple of days, we've had frequent back and forth with discussions and efforts to meet the needs of payment, etc. When she was home over Christmas break, she told me she was considering transfering from USF-Tampa to Florida Gulf Coast University (which is a state university here in Lee County) - and live at home - with me. I was not happy to hear that, because I have seen it before, and fear it would be a back sliding of her academic performance (which has been stellar). So when she mentioned the studies abroad program, I told her I would support it only if she agreed to stay at USF. She agreed, paid the deposit, and we enjoyed going over the itinerary and dreaming of European travel. Then a few hours later she called. She'd had second thoughts. She was not willing to accept my conditions.

She had her work cut out for her rescinding her deposit and reclaiming her money. We're still not sure if she was 100% successful. She called me at work today, but I was really jammed up, so gave her some quick advice and some phone numbers and told her to get busy. Won't know for sure until the banks shake down Monday. I was excited for her to see London and Paris, and I won't allow myself to feel like the "heavy" for imposing conditions. There really is no such thing as a free lunch.

I am working with a travel agent who is putting together a tour package of Alaskan travel for me. Thanks to dear rod I sought the advice of several travel agents, and believe to have found one who shares my interests and has experience and knowledge to fulfill my needs. Most people say the way to see Alaska is by water - by cruise ship. I'm not a cruiser, plus I'll be traveling solo, and cruise lines are based on double occupancy, blah blah. So, what T.A. Todd is doing is putting together flight from SWRegional Airport here in Ft. Myers, to Anchorage Alaska, a couple of nights in Denali, with day hikes, guided tours. A fly over McKinley that will then take me to (I think) Girdwood. A coupla day trips of the Kenai Penninsula, (glaiciers' stuff) a coupla nites in Seward, and then back to Anchorage for a flight home. I think it sounds like the PERFECT way to see Alaska!! (Stay Tuned!!)

A quiet ending to a hectic week.

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