Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just another day in paradise..

I spent the better part of last evening de-decking the halls. After three weeks, the Christmas decorations begin to look trashy and cluttered. Each year as I put away the trimmings and take down the tree I tell myself that I will re-think next year. It was enjoyable, however, putting out the decorations and hearing my daughters exclaim at ornaments with their baby pictures, ornaments they made in kindergarten and music boxes and snow globes that we lined up and wound up. Memories. It is time to swing into the new year.

Tomorrow starts a very busy week at work. 9:00 AM Monday is a Council meeting, Wednesday at 9:00 AM is a joint meeting with the County Commission, and Thursday is a Luncheon that is a "command performance." Those are featured "highlights" on top of all the normal demands of the work day. Those are events that have me thinking about whether I have clean, appropriate wardrobe - remembering that I need to sew the hem to the skirt to my black suit (that I last wore to mom's funeral) - and polish my "closed -toe" shoes. (Islanders can get away with sandals and casual dress - when we go "downtown" with the County, it's suits and dress shoes....).

But that's yesterday and tomorrow. Today is another glorious day! My neighbor is a funny sort - when we greet and I ask how he is, his response this morning was "Living the Dream!" What a wonderful approach to life. I feel satisfied to have gotten the tree down and all the holiday behind. Laundry is all caught up, I've been to the grocery store and have plenty of healthy produce (I feel very RICH when I have lots of fresh produce!). I bought some chicken wings and charcoal, and some beer and I think today I shall have a barbecue while I repot some plants in my garden. The weatherman says there is a cold front coming mid week, so this is the last of the 80-degree weather we'll see for some weeks. Sounds like I should take a stroll to the beach, as well.

Gracie is currently curled up in front of the door. I taught her how to tell me when she wants to go out. She has learned that very well. I should have, however, taught her how to tell me when she NEEDS to go out! She loves being outdoors, and without a fenced yard, I have to be outside with her, or at least have an ear to the outside when she's out on the lead... we have a lot of "visitors" on the island, a lot of unfamiliar traffic, and I don't want her "stolen". Yesterday Lauren took her for a walk on the beach, down past the pier and met up with her sister and her best friend forever who were there with their puppies (a perpetual puppy party!). That is about a 2.5-3 mile round trip walk. I asked Lauren if Gracie got a lot of attention. Lauren said at first it was kind of fun, but on the way back she was sick of it! She mimicked, "...she's five months old...she's a weimaraner...she's a blue..." Enough already! I chuckled...I can relate. Everywhere I go with her, she draws attention. People come out of their way to pet her, ask about her. When she is six months old, I can have her spayed and microchipped.... until then, I won't let her out of my sight!

So onward and upward with today and the new year!

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Roderckdhu said...

Gracie is a beauty! I will through you a suggestion from a friend of mine who is actively involved in animal rescue. She has a pair of beautiful Blue Heelers. When she takes them for a walk they always turn heads, as they are gorgeous, friendly, outgoing dogs. She has printed up a single sheet of paper with their picture (the dogs), a bit about the breed, and a plug for the rescue group she works with. She walks her dogs. She does her good work. Might be something to consider my friend. Hope your Sunday is magical.