Saturday, January 17, 2009

The :Poop

La and Rios left a few minutes ago. I cleaned up from the frozen pizza and put Norah Jones on the stereo. I sat down at this computer and looked to the lower right and said, “Holy shit, it’s 10:45 PM.”
The day sure got away.
I did not have a plan for today. I am learning the truth and merit behind the 5-P principle: Proper planning prevents poor performance.” I went to bed last night and woke this morning with no clear plan for today. I only had general weekend plans.
My landlord called this morning, and would be coming by to fix the toilet. That’s a good thing, and it was a success by about noon. Shortly there after, I was outside gardening. Came in, returned missed calls, cooked some chicken wings, transcribed a set of meeting minutes, argued with the neighbor, cooked frozen pizza for daughter and boyfriend……
My argument with the neighbor was over Gracie. Earlier I posted a letter I sent to the editor of a local beach paper about a false accusation about cleaning up after my dog. Here was another one. My neighbor assumed that the dog poop she found in the right-of-way of her property was from my dog. She assumed. I saw that pile this morning, and she saw me and Gracie in the vicinity, and assumed it was US! Now isn’t that a stupid argument? The woman's is certified insane... (that's the truth, not just an opinion!)

I took some photos today and yesterday,.

John F. Kennedy Rose


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Beautiful Flowers. :)